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We are changing our Repair Procedures.  

See "Send In" Form Sample At The Bottom Of This Page.

Most All Of Our Dolls Have Their Own Web Pages From Past Repairs.

 Simply Click On Their Images Below. 

"We do all the work so you don't have to."   

This was once our slogan for five years, however now I personally will only be doing eye repair and preventative platform installation only. 

Dr. Hubby will be mending the doll and/or correcting the walking mechanism and both if needed. Also read next ----------->

 Is you childhood IDEAL Saucy Walker 22" needing her eyes repaired and mending on her body and/or her walking mechanism corrected or all three?

If she does need these individual repairs in her plastic and/or also repair of the walking mechanism... Contact Dr. Hubby directly to send him photos before shipping her to us.

See "Send In" Form Below.

Saucy Walker Ads.  

Ribbons at Bottom Of Braids.

And Also Ribbons At The Top 
Another Saucy Walker Ad
 "BABY BOOMERS"  Pathway To Our Childhood Memories

We Now Offer 

Did you purchase an IDEAL 22" Saucy vintage doll only to find out her eyes are off set?  Please see the form Below and if you need his expertise... Dr. Hubby's body repair pricing is also listed on the form Below to be sent to us with the IDEAL 22" Saucy Walker Doll.

1) EYE REPAIR AND PREVENTATIVE EYE PLATFORMS INSTALLED And Possibly Plastic Repair and/or Walking Mechanism Repaired.

  (No longer do we make an IDEAL Saucy Walker 22"  Display Ready with doll stand and her clothing on, nor do we offer web pages of the doll's restoration)

 Send her to us nude.  We are not responsible for clothing or socks and shoes.




Some Posted On Our Front Page

See Her Video Click Above Image


This Doll was created for Ida who had a doll like this in her childhood years. Her Doll is named Sally.

See Posie's Birthday Surprise Story By Clicking On Her Image Above.


It is about time that we restore my own childhood doll.

See her story by clicking on her image.

Below are a few of the AFTER photos of the dolls we have repaired.   
We have repaired many dolls that are not showing on this page and were so long ago we feel they can take a rest from the exposure they had for so long.  If those of you who had repair dolls with us do not see yours on this web page, please request that we re-post her. We will be glad to re-post her if we still have the photos of her that are needed.




(Click Here For The Form To Print Out )

This is a SAMPLE form Only

IDEAL 22" Saucy Walker Doll Only

Eye Repair and our Preventative Platform Installation 

Full Payment For Eye Repair and Handling Fees ($170.00) Upfront, To Be Sent With Doll Plus This Form. (Paypal is preferred for faster restoration.)

DR. HUBBY'S Plastic Repair- See Explanation And Pricing Below.

NOTE:  When Dr. Hubby Completes His work He will email an Invoice from His Paypal to you for the charges on the plastic body.  See his pricing below.

Send A Check Or Use Paypal To Begin The Repairs.

Paying Through Paypal will speed up the repair on your doll.

See Our Policy Here.

Please print out this form by clicking the link at the top and send it with your 22" IDEAL Saucy Walker Doll.





Please Read Carefully.

Please note:  We do not replace doll criers because it lowers the value of the IDEAL 22" SW doll.  Also:  if original eyelashes are needed, You will need to purchase another 22" IDEAL parts SW Doll to supply us with the metal eye socket globes that hold original eyelashes in good condition.

Please do not send your doll unless you have contacted us first BEFORE she is shipped to us. 

In This Column Description of Repairs Needed.  In This Column We Show The Cost Explanation
Eyes repaired and preventative eye platforms installed on a Saucy Walker 22". Preventative Platforms inside the head are a must on Saucy Walker Dolls before she is shipped back to insure his/her eyes will hold up to carrier shipping abuse if there should be any.

(See the eye release form at the bottom if you do not prefer eye repair on your doll)

$150.00 Plus $20 Handling Fees To Be Paid Up Front

(Shipping is a separate fee and estimated when the doll is completed.  We will Invoice you for the shipping fee later.)


HAIR RESTORATION Each doll is different.  Let us know if you want us to work on her hair and estimate the fee at that time for your particular doll.

Below are the fees for Dr. Hubby's repair work on the 22" IDEAL Saucy Walker's body.  Please indicate which ones you would like for him to do by circling the fee amount so he will know what you would like done.  

If nothing is circled below, we will assume that you do not want her 17" Body/Face painted or repaired in any way.

Face Base Make-up Air Brush Painting in Saucy Walker Blended paint if needed. $20.00
Blushing on both facial cheeks if needed. $20.00
Eye Shadow on both eyes. $20.00
Blushing of the hands lightly if needed. $10.00
Blushing of the knees lightly if needed. $10.00
Replacement of teeth only if we agree and see that he/she needs them. $10.00
Head re-stung on a Saucy Walker 22" INCLUDED With Eye Repair

Arms re-strung. 

Body cracks repaired if needed. Patched with a plastic compound only to keep her body original and not painted. $35.00 each = $_______
Body seam splits repaired if needed. Patched with a plastic compound only to keep her body original and not painted. $10.00 each = $_______
Dr. Hubby's disappearing technique (see Below Photo) of cracks & seams if needed. This technique takes two full days. Painting will be required for the 17" body to keep the body's color the same. He charges $7.00 an inch. Please contact Dr. Hubby at:

He will require photos to estimate his cost. For this technique

Walking mechanism repaired to like new if no hidden damages are found. We will let you know before proceeding if we find them. (Very unlikely to have damage) $35.00
Sanding body lightly to bring out the soft look in plastic and take off age instead of painting. $65.00
Re-Forming a warped body. $50.00

If you need mending contact "Lois"    

(Or for a replica dress)

Contact Seamstress

Send your clothing to her and pay her directly.  She will send the clothing back to you instead of us.


Send a check for the Down or we can invoice you through Paypal.  Ten days wait before repairs made if check is sent to us.  

Postal Cost for shipping your doll back home is separate and we can send you an invoice through Paypal or email you.

$170 Upfront Payment For Eye Repair.

  Payment  to Dr.Hubby can be made when your doll is repaired. He will let you know what his Upfront fee will be paid directly to him. Either he will contact you or I will.

God Bless!

Sheryl E. Black


In the event I do not require Eye Repair and Sheryl's Preventative Platforms installed in my doll I release SAUCY WALKER'S CORNER, Sheryl Black, And Dr. Hubby (Caroll Black) of all responsibility of any eye damage caused by the shipping process both coming to and from them.




Printed Name Below:






I started this doll Web Site in the memory of  my Mother, Mary Nell Hale. She loved these dolls and through her I have learned that they are precious and really do have a spirit of their own.  I have also learned that the world of dolls can actually bring happiness to women and from that joy that we feel, healing is possible for our bodies.  Look at them close and see the joy they have brought to a child who imagined them to be real.  They may be old, but their spirit is still alive. My prayers go with each and every one I have restored, that they might bring joy to their new owners.

My Parents Dedication Web Page.


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